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Seniors on Supplements

re you one of over 5 million seniors in Canada wondering “What can supplements do for me?”? My name is Tamara McIntyre and I am a Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Good Natured Health in Niagara Falls. I am here to give you the facts on supplements and aging.

You’ve probably heard the saying health begins in the gut? Well, its true! Your aging gut needs help! Our gut is our foods recycling and processing plant, over time the plant becomes overworked and inefficient affecting the way we absorb and use our food. By adding a digestive enzyme, we can get the most out of our food. Especially, since as we age our g

ut lining becomes thinner, our appetite decreases and our HCL (hydrochloric acid) decreases.

Heart health is another aging concern. As we age our arteries become narrower, allowing cholesterol to build up, ultimately restricting blood flow. This causes our heart to work harder. This can lead to symptoms of low energy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor circulation and more. By supplementing with high doses of Vitamin C and Lysine which have been proven to help reduce the occurrence of these symptoms. These two ingredients help increase the production of collagen in the body naturally. Collagen is the key to a healthy cardiovascular system! One of my favourite products called Healthy Heart Plus can provide you with a high dose of vitamin C and Lysine, as well as other heart essential vitamins and minerals.

Many seniors suffer with pain and inflammation throughout the body, especially in the bones and joints. I speak to seniors daily that are suffering from joint pain and I am relieved to be able to recommend a product that works. Leaf Source! This supplement provides you with over 70 minerals sourced from the sea bed. Proven to relieve pain, improve immunity and increase energy! What senior wouldn’t want that!

Seniors don’t have to suffer. And remember there are no “normal symptoms of aging”. We should all be able to reach our golden years without heart disease, high blood pressure and joint pain.

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